How to Change and Customize Brand Time Zones for Agencies on Nuelink

In this guide we will show you how to easily change and customize your time zones for each brand on Nuelink. Keep in mind that the ability to set different time zones for each brand is a feature available only on the Nuelink Agency plan.

With the Nuelink Agency plan, you have the option to set a local time zone in your account settings and customize diverse time zones for each brand in the queue settings.

Note: Please note that only Owners and Admins have the ability to change the time zone; editors and clients do not have this permission.

Contents of this guide:

Local Time Zone on Account Settings

Customize a Different Time Zone for Brand in Queue Settings

Time Zones FAQs & Troubleshooting

Set a Local Time Zone in Account Settings:

Typically, on the Nuelink Agency plan, we adopt the owner's account time zone as the default for all brands under the account. However, if the time zone is adjusted in the settings of a specific brand, that brand will then have its own separate time zone.

If you are handling many brands in one Agency account, set a time zone in the account settings first (step 1), then set a different time zone for each brand in the queue settings (step 2).

  1. Click on your Account at the bottom right corner, Click “Account” on the menu:

  1. Scroll down to “Time zone”:

  1. Select your preferred “Time Zone”:

On the Agency plan, changing the account time zone will affect all the brands you own, unless you customize different time zones for each brand's queue.

  1. “Save” your time zone:

When you save time zone changes, they will apply to all brands owned by this account, unless you set a custom time zone to each brand in the queue settings.

Customize the Time Zone of a Brand in Queue Settings:

With the Nuelink Agency plan, you can set different time zones for each brand. Each brand will then operate based on its own time zone, separate from the owner's local time zone, and other brands time zones.

  1. Go to “Queue” and click on Posting Schedule:

  1. Scroll down to “Timezone”:

  1. Turn On this option to set your brand queue to follow the Owner Account time zone:

If you enable this option, you won't be able to choose a different time zone for this brand without turning it off first.

  1. Turn off following the owner time zone to set up a different time zone:

  1. Select your a time zone for your brand:

Modifying the time zone on this brand’s queue settings will only affect this specific brand.

  1. Confirm by clicking “Update brand time zone”:

Now, this brand's time zone is independent and separate from the time zones of the account and the other brands.

Time Zones FAQs & Troubleshooting:

What’s the difference between account time zone and queue time zone?

For most Nuelink plans, changing the time zone from the account or queue settings is the same. However, if you are on the Nuelink Agency plan, you should set a general time zone for the account based on your local time and set different time zones for each brand you manage in the individual brand queue settings.

Does the time zone change apply to all the brands or only one brand?

If you change your time zone from account settings it will be changed on all the brands you own.

What roles can or can’t change time zones?

For Agency plans, only owners and admins can change the time zone settings, while editors and clients cannot. However, on the Standard, Premium, and Business plans, only owners can change the time zone settings.

What’s the difference between time zones in agency plans vs other time zones?

On the Agency plan, you can customize a time zone for each of your brands in their individual queues while keeping your local time zone set in your account settings.

Can I have a different time zone for each brand?

You can set different time zones for each brand only on the Agency Plan.

Finally, if you happen to have any additional inquiries, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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