What are the Different Functions of Owner, Admin, and Editor

At Nuelink, we accommodate teams that collaborate on social media content and marketing agencies that create and manage content for multiple clients at once with our Brands feature. We also encourage clients to invite team members to participate in team projects which helps streamline workflow and raise productivity.

On Nuelink, we have three different roles for members: owners, admins, and editors.

The owner

The owner is the holder of the Nuelink account and the one responsible for the plan. The owner has full control of their Nuelink account, and all features and functions are available to them. They can: 

  • Create and delete brands and invite new members to join them. 
  • Set up automations and collections and work on posts. 
  • Change the name of any brand and delete content and collections. 
  • Set up new channels to post to.
  • Access to all features and brands created under their account. 

The admin

Admins are very similar to owners since there are few restrictions on what they can do on Nuelink

  • Set up channels and automation and create posts and collections. 
  • Contribute to all aspects of a brand's social media from creating posts to inviting new members. 

Unlike owners, admins are restricted to the brands they are invited to and cannot create brands themselves. They will need to be invited to each brand to have full access to it. 

The editor

Editors have restricted access to the features on Nuelink. Their contributions are limited to creating content and editing it. 

  • Create new posts.
  • Edit existing posts. 

They cannot, however, invite new members to join them or create new brands. They also cannot change the name or logo of a brand, or delete a collection, content, or automation.

 This is it for this tutorial, please check our Help Center for further tutorials. We have many videos and articles on how you can use Nuelink to its fullest. 

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