Plan Limitations on Brands

At Nuelink, we offer many plans to accommodate all of our users and their needs. Some of the plans have some limitations set on the number of brands that can be created and the members invited. 

Our plans are split into two sections, Entrepreneurs & Businesses and Agency. Each section has three plans with different pricing. All plans, however, have a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

Entrepreneurs & Businesses

There are three plans under this section, Standard, Premium, and Business.


The Standard plan is $15/mo, down from $25 as part of our launch offer. 

With the Standard plan, you cannot create brands within their Nuelink account or invite new members to join them. They can, however, setup 5 automation and 5 channels. With this plan, you can also create 5 collections and have 100 posts in Queue.  


The Premium plan is $25/mo, down from $37.5 as part of our launch offer. 

With this plan, you can create 2 brands within your account and invite 2 members per account to join your team. You also have access to 20 channels, 20 automations, and 20 collections, and can have 365 posts in Queue.


The Business plan is $35/mo, down from $52.5 as part of our launch offer. 

The Business plan offers you the option to create 6 brands and invite 6 members per account. You can also connect 60 channels, setup 60 automations, and create 60 collections. As part of this plan, you can have unlimited posts in Queue. 


These plans are part of the new additions to Nuelink to accommodate bigger clients that have to manage many brands at once. We have three plans under Agency, Agency, Agency-Plus, and Agency Unlimited. 


The Agency plan is $150/mo, down from $225 as part of our launch offer. 

Since this is a plan for agencies, we offer the option of creating 20 brands and inviting 20 members per account to collaborate with you on content. You can also connect 200 channels, setup 200 automations, and have unlimited numbers of posts in Queue. 


The Agency-Plus plan is $300/mo, down from $450 as part of our launch offer. 

You can create 60 brands to manage and invite 60 members per account to lend a hand. You can also connect 600 channels and setup 600 automations. You can also create 600 collections and have unlimited posts on Queue.

Agency Unlimited

The Agency Unlimited plan is $600/mo, down from $900 as part of our launch offer. 

This is our highest plan and as the name entails all restrictions are off the table. You can create unlimited brands and invite unlimited members. You can also connect and setup an unlimited number of channels and automations and create unlimited collections and have unlimited posts in Queue. 

Before making a decision about the plan you will go for, make sure to consider your needs and those of your team.

This is it for this tutorial, please check our Help Center for further tutorials. We have many videos and articles on how you can use Nuelink to its fullest. 

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