How to Add a Domain on Nuelink

  • In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of adding a new custom domain for your brand on Nuelink. Make sure that you are logged in to your Nuelink account before getting started. 

    What Is Domain? 

    A domain is a string of characters that is used to identify a specific IP address or a group of IP addresses. It is a part of a website's URL that identifies the website's unique address on the internet. 

    On Nuelink, the domain feature allows users to have one custom domain per brand. When you connect a custom domain, the changes to your DNS setting can take some time to be ready. We will notify you via email once your domain is ready. If you are not notified that your domain is ready, please contact us at

    Now Let's get started! 

    1. Click on Link Shortener on the navbar on the left of your screen. 

    2. Then, click on Settings.

    3. Next, click on the Add Custom Domain button. 

    4. Add your domain and click on Add Custom Domain

    ⚠️ We recommend using a subdomain (e.g. to keep your main website intact.

    But if you purchased a domain to use for the link shortener only, you can use the www version instead. ⚠️ Do not use the www version if you have your own website on it. 

    If you have doubts contact for assistance. 

    5. Copy and paste the 'CNAME' values and go to your Domain Host to either create or update them. Don't modify the values, just copy and paste them.

    We recommend you contact your Domain Host directly to guide you through the whole process or you can check their support posts. Here are links to our favorite domain providers' tutorials. 






    6. Once you update your DNS Records, click on I Updated My records.

    This is it for this tutorial, please check our Help Center for further tutorials. We have many videos and articles on how you can use Nuelink to its fullest. 

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