How to Setup Link Shortener on Nuelink

How to Setup Link Shortener on Nuelink

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of setting up the integrated link shortener feature on Nuelink. Make sure that you are logged in to your Nuelink account before getting started. 

What Is a Link Shortener? 

Our link shortener tool on Nuelink allows you to automatically shorten links added to your posts. This will reduce long links and create bite-sized links for your business and products.

Besides this feature, you can also get analytics about the links shortened on Nuelink. You will be able to see the traffic sources, analytics on clicks, and whether they were accessed from a desktop or a mobile. 

Now Let's get started! 

1. Click on  Link Shortener on the navbar on the left of your screen. 
2. Click on Use URL Shortener. 

3. You can opt to either shorten links on all existing posts or future ones only. Once you click on either yes or no, you are basically done. 

You can also manually shorten links by:
1. Clicking on Shorten URLs.

2. Paste your link and click on Shorten

This is it for this tutorial, please check our Help Center for further tutorials. We have many videos and articles on how you can use Nuelink to its fullest. 

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