How to Create a Collection in Nuelink

In this tutorial we will show you how to organize various types of content into folders using Collections, where each collection has its own social channels and pre-set weekly schedule. Make sure you're logged into your Nuelink account and connect your social media channels before you begin.

What is a Collection?

Collections are like separate folders for different types of social media content. Inside each collection you can organize social media posts based on theme, category or topic. Each Collection has its own social media channels and specific weekly posting times.

In simpler words, each time you create or add a post to a collection. It will automatically be in line to be posted at the times and social media channels that you set up in the collection. 

Collections help you save time by organizing your posts, and you don't have to select where or when to share each time you make a new post. Set it once and forget it!

Why Create a Collection?

Nuelink's collection is your time-saving toolkit. It simplifies post management for entrepreneurs, content creators, and social media managers. Instead of changing the time for each post individually, you can update the time in the collection, and it will apply to all posts. Plus, when you add posts to a collection, they will automatically be scheduled for the next available time slot and shared on the default social channels.

Contents of this Guide:

Create a Collection on Nuelink.

Collections FAQ & Troubleshooting.

Create a Collection on Nuelink:

Let’s get started with this step-by-step guide to create and schedule a collection:

Video Tutorial:

Here’s a video to walk you through of the process of creating a Collection for your posts and content on Nuelink:

Create a Collection:

Click the “Create Collection” button at the top right corner of your collections.

Collection Name: 

Write your collection name here. Pick a name that describes the type of posts you’ll include in this collection. Eg. "Blog" or "Products" or "Short Form Videos Recipes" etc..

Social Channel: 

Select the social channel where you want to post. For example Instagram business account,

Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. 

When you make a new post in a collection, your social channels are automatically chosen. You can add or remove channels while creating a post. And if you want, you can change the channels of the collection in the settings.

Note: make sure you have your social media channels connected first, learn more here.

Posting Time(s):

Select a day and time then click ‘add’. You can add up to 5 time slots per day in a collection.

Make sure you choose the right time to post for your audience. 

Evergreen Queue:

The evergreen queue feature allows you to automatically repost your collection's posts with Nuelink on repeat. Choose how many times to reshare, and Nuelink will do it on the same day and time. For example, you can decide to put your shared posts back in the queue one week or couple of weeks after they were last shared. You can also limit and change this in the settings of each collection later. Learn more about evergreen.

Posting Order Options:

This option determines the order of posting in the Queue. 

  • First In, First Out: Older posts take priority to be published first.
  • Last In, First Out: Prioritizes posting the newest posts.
  • Random: Posts are published in a random order from the collection.

If you turn on this option it will automatically be set to FIFO queue order. Turn this option off to choose any other order.

Collection Color-code: 

This feature allows you to easily spot your collection in the Queue, which makes managing your posts easier.

Additional Options:

Pause Posting: The posts on this collection will be put on hold until you reactivate the collection's posting.

Set Time Frame (optional): Specify a time interval for the collection to run during a particular period.

Select Playlist(s):

This option will only appear if you have a YouTube channel selected.

Select a YouTube playlist(s) to add your Videos(Shorts or regulars) to, click refresh if you cannot see all your YouTube videos. 

Create Collection:

Click "Create" to finish creating the Collection. If you click “Close” your collection will be discarded without being saved as a draft.

Collection Location:

Access all your collections, including drafts, in the Collections section. Easily search through them using names, post counts, etc. 

Preview your Collection's social channel(s) and schedule time(s) on the collection’s card(s). Click on the collection to view all scheduled posts.

Click the 3 dots on the top right corner of each collection card to:

  • Edit.
  • Share.
  • Move.
  • Duplicate.
  • Delete.

How to Use Collection(s):

Click on a ‘collection’ to preview and manage posts, social channels, and posting times. Edit your collection by clicking on ‘settings.’ Easily search, sort, and edit your posts. Find your posts organized into ‘Queue, Drafts, or Published’ sections, following the settings of the collection you did set up initially. Add posts to your collections manually by clicking ‘create post’ at the top corner, import multiple posts using a CSV file, or automate imports with Nuelink automations.

Pre-made Collection:

Nuelink provides a built-in content library featuring over 1700+ ready-to-use posts. Crafted and captioned by professionals, these premade collections cover various post categories. Easily add a premade collection by clicking "Add Collection."

Collections FAQ & Troubleshooting: 

How does the Queue of the Collection Work? 

The posts made or created in a collection are organized following one of three scheduling queue orders:

First In, First Out publishes posts chronologically, starting with the oldest. 

Last In, First Out does the same, but starting with the newest. 

Random shares posts in a random order.

What are the types of posts I can add to a collection? 

Nuelink makes it easy to create and schedule all types of content, such as text, images, carousels, short and long videos, tweets, stories, and polls. Make sure your posts meet the requirements of your selected social media platforms.

Can I create a one-off post?

Yes, while all posts must be created in a collection. You can set your post to “Schedule Once” and it will be posted once at a date and time of your choice, skipping your collection queue settings. 

Can I bulk-upload posts in a collection?

Certainly, we automatically place your Bulk-imported posts into a collection to help you keep your posts organized. Learn how to bulk import here.

Can I change the time of posting for a post that is already in the Queue?

Luckily, you can. Click on Edit at the bottom of the post then click on Schedule. You can then select an exact date for your post.

Can I set automation to collections?

Yes, we strongly suggest setting automations for your collections to fully leverage their potential.

Can I copy a post to other collections?

Luckily, you can either move your post to another collection by clicking ‘Move’ under the post or you can click ‘duplicate’ and select a collection to copy your post into.

How can I best use the Evergreen queue feature?

It's good to repost and re-share content on social media after a while. Some platforms don't like frequent reposting, so wait at least 4 weeks. You can change this if you want. We highly recommend that you stick to the 4-week timeframe for best results, but you can make it 1 week if you prefer. We might add an option to "re-add immediately", but we're still thinking about it.

Finally, if you happen to have any additional inquiries, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Check our Help Center for further tutorials. We offer several videos and articles on effectively getting the maximum benefit out of Nuelink. 

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