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Why did my TikTok not post after I schedule it? 

Unlike all of our other integrations, TikTok doesn't allow third-party apps, like Nuelink, to post your short-form videos. After your post is ready to be posted, you will get a notification from Tiktok. Click on the notification to finalize your post on Tiktok.

Can I post a Facebook or Instagram story?

Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram don't allow 3rd party apps to publish stories as of now. There will be a workaround for this restriction when we finalize our mobile app.   

Can I create a one-off post?

As of yet, all your posts must be created in a collection. We will be adding the ability to create one-off posts to Nuelink very soon. 

Can I bulk-upload posts with videos? 

Yes, we have recently added the ability to add video content when bulk-uploading posts. This is how you can bulk-upload your posts

Can I copy a post to other collections?

Unfortunately, this is not currently available.

What is the maximum size allowed for videos?

Currently, The maximum size limit for videos is 500MB. However, the team is working on the ability to compress videos to allow you to post videos larger than 500MB. 

Can I change the time of posting for a post that is already in the Queue? 

Luckily, you can. Click on Edit at the bottom of the post then click on Schedule. You can then select an exact date for your post. 

This is it for this tutorial, please check our Help Center for further tutorials. We have many videos and articles on how you can use Nuelink to its fullest. 

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