Nuelink Post Editor: Easily Create Posts From Scratch and Schedule To All Social Media Platforms Effortlessly.

In this guide, we will show you how to use the Nuelink Post Editor to create and schedule posts easily. Make sure you sign into your Nuelink account, your social media accounts are connected to Nuelink, and that you have at least one collection.

Make sure to check out the requirements of creating the best posts here.

Let’s Get started:

Click “Create Post”

Go to your Nuelink Account and Click Create Post.

You can find the Create Post Button all over Nuelink. At the top of the navigation bar on the left, the top right of the Queue and any Collection.

Select Post Type

Select a Post type from the top menu bar.

Post category is for making general posts like Text, Image(s), Video(s), and Carousel posts. While Short-form Videos, Story, Thread, and Poll are more specified.

Post section enables you to create text post(s), link post(s), image, video, multimedia, carousel post(s).

Short-form Video section enables you to create vertical short-form videos, like Reels, TikToks, Shorts, and video post(s) for all the platforms that support it.

Story section enables you to create Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Thread section enables you to create up to 15 tweets for Twitter threads.

Poll section enables you to create polls and quizzes and questionnaires easily for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Telegram.

Select a Collection

Select the 'Collection' you want to include your post in.

Learn more about collections, and how to create a collection.

Select Social Channel(s) 

Select your social media accounts. they will be auto-selected if you added them to your collection. Make sure you have already connected your Social Media Accounts.

Upload Media

Click on 'Upload Image(s)’ to add image(s), 'Upload Video' to add video(s), ‘Add Document’ to add your file(LinkedIn Only), or 'Media Library' to add your media(s) from Unsplash, dropbox, and Box.

Upload Image(s): Add image(s) to your post.

Upload Video(s): Add video(s) to your post.

Add Document: Add a document to your post only if you have at least one LinkedIn profile or page selected. 

Media Library: Add image(s) or video(s) from your Media Library, Unsplash, Dropbox, or Box.

Important Note: make sure to respect each platform’s post requirements.

Check Post Preview

Once your media is uploaded, check your Post Preview of your Social media Accounts.

Check “See Specifications”

Double-check "See Specifications" if you are not sure what the recommended media formats for your posts are.

Add Post Title

Post title will only work for posts on Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok images, and Facebook videos.

Add Post Caption

Type in the box a caption of your post and a suitable social media caption.

Customize Captions For EaSocial Media Channel

Click the plus sign (+) to personalize your caption for each social media platform. Pick a platform or multiple ones to customize. 

Click Channel Icon

Select a social media platform and click on the icon to start editing.

Enhance Caption With NueAI

Click “NueAI”, the Nuelink AI Assistant to improve your caption. Generate content by using your own Prompt, Brainstorm content ideas related to your post topic, spice it up with some emojis, modify your caption size by expanding or shortening, change the tone of your captions, turn it into a thread, and top it off by  generating relevant hashtags.

More Caption Editing Options

Add emojis from Emoji Picker, change your text direction if you write captions in different languages, use hashtag groups from hashtag manager, and apply your premade short codes easily.

More Options

Scroll down to explore advanced options, like IG collaborations, auto-sharing to story, link for Pinterest and more depending on your selected social media channels.

Instagram Collaborators 

Add up to 3 accounts as collaborators for your Instagram post, write their full IG username, and hit enter to confirm adding them.

Share Post to Story

Enable this to automatically share your post on your Instagram and Facebook story.

Add Image to Google Business Photos

Automatically share the image post on your Google Business Profile’s Photos with or without an update.

Pinterest Link

Paste a link to add to be hyperlinked into your Pin post.

Google Business Profile Button

Paste a link to add to your Google Business Profile with an action button.

YouTube Tags

Add tags related to your YouTube video(s), type in and press enter to add new tags.

Add to YouTube Playlist

Choose a playlist or playlist(s) to add your YouTube video(s) to.

Add ALT Text

Add an alternative text to describe your post image(s).

Send First / Follow Up Comment

Add an automatic comment to be added to your post after a short period of time. Enhance your comment with NueAI Assistant and add emojis and image(s) for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Don't forget to choose a delay duration.

Link Quote First Tweet

Link your first tweet at the end of the thread to encourage viewers to retweet and interact with your post.

Auto Retweet

Allows you to auto retweet your tweet after a period of time of your choice.

Schedule Options

Select a Scheduling Option once your post is ready. Learn more about schedule options and queue works.

Add to Queue: This option will add your post to the posting queue, it will be shared on your social media following your collection schedule and queue settings. Learn more about Queue settings.Share Next: This option allows you to schedule your post to be published in the next time slot in your collection queue.(Next in Queue)

Save as Draft: you can save your post for later editing, publishing, and scheduling. (Will not be added to the Queue)

Post Now: This Option allows you to publish your post immediately. (Will skip the Queue)

Schedule Once

Enable this to schedule a single post for a specific date and time, without following your collection's regular queue. Learn more about how Nuelink Queue works.

Go to "Queue"

Go to the queue to check your scheduled post.

Post in Queue

Posts Added to Queue will be in the Queue section, you can preview, edit, or delete your post. You can also post it right away, however if it stays in the queue it will be published on the scheduled time.

Post in Draft

Posts saved as a draft will be in the Drafts section, you can edit later, or delete your post. You can also post it immediately or add it to your queue, however if it stays in drafts it will not be published.

Post Published

All your published Posts will be added to the Published section of the queue, you can see all the posted content along with their posting status and engagement numbers.

Final Post on Instagram

Here’s the finished product of the example post that was created in this guide on Nuelink, You can see the caption, and the follow up comment as well. 

Posts FAQ & Troubleshooting: 

Why did my Post not get published after I scheduled it? 

If you encounter any publishing errors it is most likely due to the video duration, format, or size.

Please make sure your posts meet each Platform requirement.

Can I create a one-off post?

On Nuelink, you can create a one-off post by simply creating a collection for the one-off posts. You can set a scheduled time or choose to post it immediately.

Why my posts are 'processing' after I publish them?

Once you publish a post, it may take some time to be posted on socials, please remain patient until your post is published.

What is the maximum number of images/videos for carousels on each social channel?

Currently, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram only allow a maximum size of 10 multi images and videos per carousel, and Twitter allows a maximum of 4 multi images and videos  per tweet. LinkedIn and TikTok support up to 10 images only in a single carousel post. Pinterest on the other hand allows 5 images max per pin carousel. 

Can I bulk-upload carousels and videos posts in Nuelink?

Yes, on Nuelink you can bulk upload multiple types of content from texts, images to videos and carousels. Learn more about bulk uploads and watch how to do it here

Can I change the time of posting for a post that is already in the Queue?

Luckily, you can. Click on Edit at the bottom of the post then click on Schedule Once. You can select an exact date for your post. This update will move your post out of your collection’s queue schedule. 

Can I copy a post to other collections?

Yes, you can duplicate a post to another collection, or you can move it from a collection to another.

What is the maximum size allowed for videos?

Currently, The maximum size limit for videos is 100MB. However, the team is working on the ability to compress videos to allow you to post videos larger than 100MB. 

Can I post a Facebook or Instagram story?

Yes, you can schedule Image stories via Nuelink to be posted on your Facebook and Instagram story.

Finally, if you happen to have any additional inquiries, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Check our Help Center for further tutorials. We offer several videos and articles on effectively getting the maximum benefit out of Nuelink. 

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