How to Connect your Facebook Group to Nuelink

Recently, Nuelink added Facebook Group Page to allow you to post content for your groups directly from Nuelink. Although because of restrictions from Facebook, you will have to be an admin of a group to post on it using Nuelink. If you are not logged in to your Nuelink yet, we recommend you do so first.

What Is a Facebook Group? 

A Facebook group is an online community created within the Facebook platform, where users can come together to discuss, share, and connect around a specific topic or interest. Facebook groups can be public, closed, or secret, depending on the level of privacy and visibility the group creator desires.

Now, let’s get started with connecting your Facebook Group Page. 

1. Click on Social Channels on the navbar on your left. 

2. Then, click on Connect New Channel on the top right of your screen. 

3. Click on Facebook Group.

4. Then, click on continue. 

Posting to and managing content on Facebook groups via Nuelink also requires the installation of our app on Facebook. Follow these steps to set up: 

1. Open your group and click on Manage on the navbar on the left of the screen. 

2. Scroll to the Group Settings.

3. Click on Apps at the bottom of the page.

4. Then click on Add Apps.

5. Go to the search bar on the left and type Nuelink

6. Click on Nuelink and then on Add at the bottom right.

Now you can create and schedule your posts for Facebook Groups on Nuelink. 

This is it for this tutorial, please check our Help Center for further tutorials. We have many videos and articles on how you can use Nuelink to its fullest. 

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