How to Create and Schedule Posts on Nuelink?

On Nuelink, you can create and schedule a variation of social media posts to multiple social media platforms. Stick along this guide to see how to effectively get the maximum benefits of creating and scheduling posts on Nuelink.

Contents of this Guide:


About Social Media Posts.

Posts Requirements.

Create and Schedule a Post on Nuelink.

Select your Collection:

Select Social Channels:

Add Media:

Add Title (YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook Videos only):

Caption and NueAI Assistant:

More Options:

Scheduling Options:

Where to find your Post After You Are done:

Posts FAQ & Troubleshooting.


Before we jump to Post creation make sure you do the following steps first:

  1. Connect Social Channels: Link your social media accounts to Nuelink in order to be able to create a post efficiently and schedule it later on, and gain access to other channel’s features in post making.
  2. Create Collection: Create a collection for your posts. A collection functions as an organized folder for your social media content. It simplifies scheduling and categorizing, making it effortless to remain consistent. Customize collections by naming, coloring, and setting schedules for various social channels and post types.
  3. Set up Automation: If you run an Online business, blog, or you want to grow your online presence, we highly recommend you make use of our wide selection of automations.

⚠️ Keep in mind that each social has a set of posts requirements that should be respected to publish your post successfully.

What You Must Know About Social Media Posts.

What is a Social Media Post?

Social media posts, found on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Telegram, take different forms. Text posts express thoughts, while images are big on Instagram and Pinterest. Videos shine on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. Links are shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Stories and live videos offer temporary updates. Polls engage users. Check-ins, event invites, and reposts are common. Each platform shapes how people communicate online.

Why Create and Schedule Social Media Posts?

Creating and planning social media posts is crucial for business owners and content creators because it helps them maintain a regular online presence, connect with a worldwide audience, and improve their content strategies.

By scheduling posts, businesses use their resources more effectively, focus on making high-quality content, and quickly share important announcements, making their social media strategy well-rounded and successful.

Read more about getting the most out of Social Media Marketing:

What are Post Requirements?

⚠️Important Note: Some posts requirements differ from a platform to another. Make sure your posts meet the specific requirements of each social media platform to prevent any publishing issues, click here to know more.

Let’s Create and Schedule a Post on Nuelink

Create a Post: 

Go to your Nuelink Account and Click Create Post.

You can find the Create Post Button all over Nuelink. At the top of the navigation bar on the left, the top right of the Queue and any Collection.

Click on the 'Post' Option from the top bar.

Select your Collection: 

Select the 'Collection' you want to add your Post to.

ℹ️What's a Collection?A collection is like a folder for your social media posts. It helps you organize and schedule your content, making it easier to reach your followers. You can set your Collections to have multiple groups of social channels, social media posts types and schedule time slots based on your liking. You can personalize collections by naming, coloring, and setting schedules. Learn more about how to create your Collections here.

Select Social Channels: 

Next, Select your social media accounts. they will be auto-selected if you added them to your collection. We highly recommend adding your accounts to your collection to avoid having to select it each time.

⚠️Important Note: Make sure you have already connected your Social Media Accounts. Learn more about Connecting Social Media Accounts. 

Add Media: 

⚠️Important Note: Each Social media platform has specific requirements for multi image and video posts! Make sure you meet the requirements to prevent any publishing issues. 

Click on 'Upload Image(s)’, 'Upload Video' or 'Media Library' to add your video.

Upload Image(s): Select an image or a set of images from your Media library.

Upload Video: Select a video from your Media library.

Add Document(LinkedIn Only): Add your Images by uploading a PDF File, Learn how to upload a LinkedIn Document post here

Media Library: Select an image or video from your Nuelink Media Library, Drop Box, Box, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

Once your Video is Uploaded, Check the Post Preview and See Specifications:

  • Check your Post Preview of your Socials Accounts, use the “See Specifications” to check the best recommended formats for all your social media posts. 
  • Use the Arrows at the left side of your Uploaded media to rearrange the position of each image or video.

⚠️Important Note: If you encounter any errors while uploading your media, please pay attention to Multi photo and video Post Requirements Under your Post Preview (scroll down if you can’t see it.

Add Thumbnail(Video Cover): 

Add a Thumbnail to your video:

Change Thumbnail: Upload your Thumbnail from your media library.

Reset Thumbnail: Remove your Thumbnail at once.

Add Title (YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok Photos, and Facebook Videos only): 

Click on Title and type in a small description of your video.

⚠️Important Note: YouTube Shorts treats the title as a caption allowing you to describe your video, but make sure your Title remains under 100 characters for a successful publishing.

Caption and NueAI Assistant: 

Click on Caption to add your post description, spice up your caption by using the NueAI Assistant.

What can NueAI Assist you with?

Prompt: Write any prompt, question, or request and let NueAI help you, by generating your captions and answers.

Brainstorm ideas: Type any topic or idea, and let NueAI Give you several relevant content ideas.

Add Emojis: Add some fun emojis to spice up your caption.

Rephrase: Let NueAI paraphrase and enhance your caption for you.

Expand it: Let NueAI turn your short caption into a paragraph.

Shorten it: Let NueAI summarize your Caption and keep the main key idea(s).

Make it a Thread: Let NueAI turn your Caption into a multi-section Thread.

Make it engaging: Let NueAI make your caption more captivating and interactive.

Make it formal: Let NueAI make your caption more formal and professional.

Generate Hashtags: Let NueAI Generate hashtags that match your post's caption for you.

In the following tutorial I will be using the ‘Make it engaging’ and ‘Generate Hashtags’ by NueAI.

Edit your Caption with the Following features:

Emoji Picker: Choose Emojis that align with your post.

Font Style: Play around with your caption’s font to make it stand out.

Change Text Direction: Change which direction your text starts if you type in other languages.

Hashtag Manager: Generate Hashtags for your post or pick from your already created hashtag groups.

Add Short Codes: Select your Short code to add to your caption. Learn more about Short Codes.

More Options: 

Toggle On/Off the following Options.

Auto Thread: If your text exceeds the character limits on Twitter/X you can automatically turn it into a thread of multiple tweets (10 tweets max).

Instagram Collaborations: 

Share this as a story(IG, FB): Enable this to automatically share your video post on your Instagram story.

Also add to Instagram feed: Enable this option to automatically show your video on your IG Feed.

Link for Pinterest: Add a link to be hyper-linked in your Pin post.

Use Google Business Profile Button: Put your website link and choose a button for it.

Add image to the Photos section of Google Business Profile: Auto add your image to the photo library of your Google Business.

YouTube Tags: Add a few tags related to your video to boost views on YouTube.

Add video to a YouTube playlist: Auto add your video to a YouTube playlist of yours.

Use alternative text (Image Only): Implement Alternative text in your image. (Not supported by videos)

Auto-Add Recommended Music to TikTok Photos: Set your music to be automatically added to your TikTok Images.

TikTok Advanced Options:

Choose who gets to view your TikTok video and interact with it.

Auto-Add Recommended Music to Photos: Let Nuelink automatically add music to your TikTok image carousel posts.

Privacy Options: Public to everyone, Mutual friends, Followers, or Self only.

Allow Comments: If on, anyone can comment on your video.

Allow Duet: if on, it allows other users to use your video in their duets.

Allow Stitch: If On, other users will be able to stitch your video.

Schedule to Inbox via Email: Send the scheduled video to your TikTok drafts so you can edit it, add music, and then post it.

Disclose video content: By turning on this setting, you agree that the video will have paid advertisements. It can promote you, a third party, or both, and will be labeled as "Promotional content." This label is permanent once the video is published.

If you are promoting yourself or your own business, the video will be classified as Brand Organic. If you are promoting another brand or a third party, the video will be classified as Branded Content.

Schedule once: Enable this to schedule a single post for a specific date and time, without following your collection's regular queue. Keep in mind that it won't repeat, even if you've enabled the evergreen option for your collection. Learn more about how Nuelink Queue works.


Click More Options and Scroll Down to Pick from Our Exclusive Automations!

Send follow up comment: Customize a comment to be added to your post after an amount of time, you can also use NueAI Assistant to enhance your follow-up comment.

Link Quote the First Tweet of thisThread at the End of it: This feature allows you to invite others to retweet or share your Twitter thread by using the initial tweet.

Auto retweet after(Twitter 𝕏 Only): Allows you to auto retweet your tweet after a period of time of your choice.

Scheduling Options: 

Select a Scheduling Option once your post is ready.

Add to Queue: This option allows you to post to your Collection Queue.(Last in Queue)

Share Next: This option allows you to schedule your post to be published in the next available slot in your collection queue.(Next in Queue)

Save as Draft: you can save your post for later editing, publishing, and scheduling. (Will not be added to the Queue)

Post Now: This Option allows you to publish your post immediately. (Will skip the Queue)

Schedule once: Enable this to schedule a single post for a specific date and time, without following your collection's regular queue. Keep in mind that it won't repeat, even if you've enabled the evergreen option for your collection. Learn more about how Nuelink Queue works.

Where to find your Post After You Are done: 

Once you are done scheduling, you will find your post in your Queue.

Queue Editing Options:

View: Take a quick look at your premade post.

Post Now: This Option allows you to publish your post immediately. (Will skip your Queue)

Edit: Make more Changes to your drafted post.

Delete: Permanently remove your post.

If you have Saved your post as Draft you will find it at your collection Queue, just click Drafts right under your Post you can find options to resume editing and scheduling.

Drafts Editing Options

View: Take a quick look at your premade draft.

Add to Queue: Move your Drafted post to the Queue.

Edit: Make more Changes to your drafted post.

Click the three dots to access more options:

Post Now: This Option allows you to publish your post immediately. (Will skip the Queue)

Move: Move your post to another Collection.

Duplicate: Make a copy of your drafted post.

Delete: Permanently remove your draft.

Once your post is live you will be able to find it in the Published section. You can preview your final post by clicking on the platform's icon.

Posts FAQ & Troubleshooting: 

Why did my Post not get published after I scheduled it? 

If you encounter any publishing errors it is most likely due to the video duration, format, or size.

Please make sure your posts meet each Platform requirement.

Can I create a one-off post?

On Nuelink, you can create a one-off post by simply creating a collection for the one-off posts. You can set a scheduled time or choose to post it immediately. You can also use the Schedule Once option if you don't want it be posted according to a collection's queue.

Why my posts are 'processing' after I publish them?

Once you publish a post, it may take some time to be posted on socials, please remain patient until your post is published.

What is the maximum number of images/videos for carousels on each social channel?

Currently, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram only allow a maximum size of 10 multi images and videos per carousel, and Twitter allows a maximum of 4 multi images and videos  per tweet. LinkedIn and TikTok support up to 10 images only in a single carousel post. Pinterest on the other hand allows 5 images max per pin carousel. 

Can I bulk-upload carousels and videos posts in Nuelink?

Yes, on Nuelink you can bulk upload multiple types of content from texts, images to videos and carousels. Learn more about bulk uploads and watch how to do it here

Can I change the time of posting for a post that is already in the Queue?

Luckily, you can. Click on Edit at the bottom of the post then click on Schedule Once. You can select an exact date for your post. This update will move your post out of your collection’s queue schedule. 

Can I copy a post to other collections?

Yes, you can duplicate a post to another collection, or you can move it from a collection to another.

What is the maximum size allowed for videos?

Currently, The maximum size limit for videos is 500MB.

Can I post a Facebook or Instagram story?

Yes you can easily create and schedule stories to your Facebook and Instagram stories using the Story ab on the Post editor.

Finally, if you happen to have any additional inquiries, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Check our Help Center for further tutorials. We offer several videos and articles on effectively getting the maximum benefit out of Nuelink. 

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