How to Create and Schedule a Pin Post on Nuelink?

In this guide we will show you how to create and schedule a Pin post on Nuelink. Make sure you're signed in to your Nuelink account and that your Pinterest account(s) are connected. If you’re not connected yet, you can connect following these steps. Now, let's walk through the process of creating a Pin post.

⚠️Note: Pinterest support image pins, video pins and image carousel pins for up to 5 images.

Contents of this Guide:

About Pin Posts.

What are Pin Posts Requirements?

Let’s Create and Schedule a Pin Post on Nuelink

Where to find your Post After You Are done:

Pinterest Post FAQ & Troubleshooting:

What You Must Know About Pin Posts.

What is a Pin Post?

A Pinterest Pin post can be an image, a video, or a carousel with a title and description that users save to themed boards. It serves as a visual bookmark, linking back to the source webpage. Users can comment, share, and organize these pins on their boards based on interests like home decor, recipes, or travel.

Why make a Pin Post?

Pinterest pin posts are vital for businesses and creators to boost visibility and drive traffic. These visually engaging pins showcase products or content, directing users to websites. Pinterest's SEO benefits and community features enhance brand awareness. The platform also serves for market research and collaboration, making it versatile for expanding reach and connecting with a diverse audience.

Read more about getting the most out of Social Media Marketing:

What are Pin Posts Requirements? 

Every time you create a new post for Pinterest on Nuelink, you can select 1 board per each selected Pinterest account. You can post single image pins, single video pins, and up to 5 images max carousel pins.

⚠️Important Note: Make sure your post meet the requirements of the Pinterest platform to avoid any publishing errors!

Let’s Create and Schedule a Pin Post on Nuelink

Go to your Nuelink Account and Click Create Post.

You can find the Create Post Button all over Nuelink. At the top of the navigation bar on the left, the top right of the Queue and any Collection.

Click on Create Post new

Make sure you are on the 'Post' tab from the top menu.

Click on First group

Select your Collection: 

Select the 'Collection' you want to add your Pin Post to.

ℹ️ What's a Collection? A collection is like a folder for your social media posts. It helps you organize and schedule your content, making it easier to reach your followers. You can set your Collections to have multiple groups of social channels, social media posts types and schedule time slots based on your liking. You can personalize collections by naming, coloring, and setting schedules. Learn more about how to create your Collections here.

Click on Select Collection…

Select a Social Channel: 

Next, Select your Pinterest account(s). they will be auto-selected if you added them to your collection. We highly recommend adding your channels to your collection to avoid having to select it each time.

⚠️Important Note: Make sure you have already connected your Pinterest channel(s). Learn more about Connecting Social Media Accounts. 

Click on Lydiamybrary Remove item

Select a Pinterest Board: 

Next, Select your Pinterest board. It will be auto-selected if you added it to your collection. We highly recommend adding your board to your collection to avoid having to select it each time. Click  the refresh option if you can't see your boards.

⚠️Important Note: Make sure you have already connected your Pinterest channel(s). Learn more about Connecting Social Media Accounts. 

Click on Interior design (Lydiamybrary)

Add Media: 

⚠️Important Note: Each Social media platform has specific requirements for multi image and video posts! Make sure you meet the requirements to prevent any publishing issues. 

Click on 'Upload Image(s)’, 'Upload Video' or 'Media Library' to add your media.

Upload Image(s): Select an image or a set of images from your Media library.

Upload Video: Select a video from your Media library.

Media Library: Select an image(s) or video from your Nuelink Media Library, Drop Box, Box, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

Click on Media Library

Once your Image(s) are uploaded, Check the following:

  • Check “See Specifications” of your media uploads according to Pinterest. You can check the requirements for the best pin post and add a cover or thumbnail for your videos. 

⚠️Important Note:If you encounter any errors while uploading your image(s) or video, please click “See Specifications” Under your Post Preview to see the optimal recommended formats of each platform (scroll down if you can’t see it).

Click on PREVIEW…

Add Title: 

Click on Title and type in a Title for your Pin Post.

Click on Title

Caption and NueAI Assistant: 

Click on Caption to add your post description, spice up your caption by using the NueAI Assistant.

What is NueAI Assistant? Spice up your caption by clicking on NueAI Assistant tool.

Prompt: Write any prompt, question, or request and let NueAI help you, by generating your captions and answers.

Brainstorm ideas: Type any topic or idea, and let NueAI Give you several relevant content ideas.

Rephrase: Let NueAI paraphrase and enhance your caption for you.

Expand it: Let NueAI turn your short caption into a paragraph.

Shorten it: Let NueAI summarize your Caption and keep the main key idea(s).

Make it a Thread: Let NueAI turn your Caption into a multi-section Thread.

Make it engaging: Let NueAI make your caption more captivating and interactive.

Make it formal: Let NueAI make your caption more formal and professional.

Generate Hashtags: Let NueAI Generate hashtags that match your post's caption for you.

Click on Caption

In the following tutorial I will be using the ‘Make it engaging’ and ‘shorten’ by NueAI.

Click on NueAI Beta…

Edit your Caption with the Following features:

Emoji Picker: Choose Emojis that align with your post.

Change Text Direction: Change which direction your text starts.

Text Font: Change the font of your text, make it bold, italic, or Underlined.

Hashtag Manager: Generate Hashtags for your post or pick from your already created hashtag groups.

Add Short Codes: Select your Short code to add to your caption. Learn more about Short Codes.

Click on Emoji Picker

More Options: 

Click More Options and Scroll Down to Pick from Our Exclusive Features!

You can Toggle On/Off any of the following features:

Link for Pinterest(Pinterest Only): Paste a link to add to your Pin.

Use alternative text (Image Only): Implement Alternative text in your image. (Not supported by videos)

Click on E.g.

Scheduling Options: 

Select a Scheduling Option once your post is ready.

Add to Queue: This option allows you to post to your Collection Queue.(Last in Queue)

Share Next: This option allows you to schedule your post to be published in the next available slot in your collection queue.(Next in Queue)

Save as Draft: you can save your post for later editing, publishing, and scheduling. (Will not be added to the Queue)

Post Now: This Option allows you to publish your post immediately. (Will skip the Queue)

Schedule once: Enable this to schedule a single post for a specific date and time, without following your collection's regular queue. Keep in mind that it won't repeat, even if you've enabled the evergreen option for your collection. Learn more about how Nuelink Queue works.

Click on Toggle Dropdown

Where to find your Post After You Are done: 

Once you are done scheduling, you will find your Pin post in your Queue feed.

Queue Editing Options:

View: Take a quick look at your premade post.

Post Now: This Option allows you to publish your post immediately. (Will skip your Queue)

Edit: Make more Changes to your drafted post.

Delete: Permanently remove your post.

Click on  Scheduled for 1:35 PM (+00:00) Africa/Casablanca - Home Decor Inspiration Specific Channels…

If you have Saved your post as Draft you will find it at your collection Queue, just click Drafts right under your Post you can find options to resume editing and scheduling.

Drafts Editing Options

View: Take a quick look at your premade draft.

Add to Queue: Move your Drafted post to the Queue.

Edit: Make more Changes to your drafted post.

Click the three dots to access more options:

Post Now: This Option allows you to publish your post immediately. (Will skip the Queue)

Move: Move your post to another Collection.

Duplicate: Make a copy of your drafted post.

Delete: Permanently remove your draft.

Click on  Updated on Mar 25, 2024 at 1:30 PM (+00:00) Africa/Casablanca - Home Decor Inspiration DRAFT…

Pinterest Post FAQ & Troubleshooting: 

How many images can be used in Pin posts? 

On Nuelink, we currently support from 1 image up to 5 in a  carousel Pin Post. 

Can I add a link to my Pin post ? 

Yes, you can use the “Link for Pinterest” option located in the options section of the post editor. Users will be able to click on your post to go to your link.

Can I bulk Import Pin posts? 

Yes, as long as you stick to the ideal social media post requirements, and follow the steps mentioned here

Why my posts are 'processing' after I publish them?

Once you publish a post, it may take some time to be posted on socials, please remain patient until your post is published.

Why did my Pin Post not post after I scheduled it? 

If you encounter any publishing errors it is most likely due to the image(s) or  video duration, format, or size.

Please make sure your posts meet each Platform requirement.

Can I create a one-off post?

As of yet, all your posts must be created in a collection. We will be adding the ability to create one-off posts to Nuelink very soon. 

What is the maximum number of images/videos for multi media posts on each social channel?

Currently, Instagram and Facebook only allow a maximum size of 10 multi images and videos per carousel, and Twitter allows a maximum of 4 multi images and videos  per tweet. LinkedIn supports up to 10 images only in a single carousel post. However, Pinterest allows individual videos and 5 images per carousel.

Can I bulk-upload carousels and multi image posts in Nuelink?

Yes, we have recently added the ability to add multi image and video content when bulk-uploading posts. This is how you can bulk-upload your posts

Can I change the time of posting for a post that is already in the Queue?

Luckily, you can. Click on Edit at the bottom of the post then click on Schedule. You can then select an exact date for your post

Finally, if you happen to have any additional inquiries, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Check our Help Center for further tutorials. We offer several videos and articles on effectively getting the maximum benefit out of Nuelink. 

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